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Christian Picciolini Reviews

Wow!  Christian’s presentation was extremely powerful, especially for middle and high school students.  His honesty and openness about his past and what he is doing today to make a positive difference in this world resonated and had such an impact!
— Megan Ferenczy, Director of Education, Virginia Holocaust Museum (November 2018)
Christian’s message and unique story about an individual who turned his life around – from one defined by hate to one inspired by love – was a thoughtful and provocative voice at our annual meeting. It is essential for college administrators to understand how young people are recruited into the movement. Thank you, Christian, for sharing your story.
— Mary DeNiro, CEO, ACUHO-I (October 2018)
Following the national election in 2016, the City of Berkeley became a target for right wing extremist groups. These events prompted counter-protests – both peaceful and violent. It was important to know how to most effectively stand up to Hate when these groups return. Our office reached out to see if Christian would be willing to come to Berkeley and he immediately agreed. The coordination with his team was effortless. “Uniting Against Hate” was a big success and Christian could not have been more prepared, generous and approachable. He exudes what he speaks about – love and empathy. Our world needs more people just like him.
— Jacquelyn McCormick, Senior Advisor to Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguin (July 2018)
Christian’s powerful narrative helped shift perspectives on combatting extremism, highlighting the need to reach out and show compassion for people who are marginalized and without community, so that they do not embrace dangerous ideologies and movements.
— Justin Kirschner, Associate Director, Jewish Community Relations Council - Jewish Federation of Cincinnati (June 2018)
Thank you for the wonderful keynote remarks you made at last week’s Fidler Institute on Criminal Justice at Loyola Law School. We are very grateful for your participation. As you could see, everyone was moved by your talk. We had a room full of prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges, students, community leaders and faculty. You have made an impact on all of them.
— Laurie L. Levenson, Professor of Law, David W. Burcham Chair of Ethical Advocacy (June 2018)
Christian’s presentation to a group of over 45 CEOs was an amazing summary of his personal journey and subsequent transition to that of a leader in anti-hate messaging. His candid, emotional, and thoughtful communication of the factors that influenced the decisions he made as a teenager, followed by the ones he made as a young adult, was sincere and compelling. The take home value to everyone present was significant. Christian made a permanent impression on everyone in attendance at the event.
— Jim Berline, President, YPO Motor City Detroit (April 2018)
It was an amazing experience. Christians greatest impact was at the two school presentations. You could have heard a pin drop during his talks.
— Jeffrey Berger, Treasurer of Temple Adath B'nai Israel, Evansville, IN (January 2018)
Christian’s story was both powerful and inspirational. He was open, honest and humble in how he shared his past with us - we were very moved to say the least.
Christian’s testimony offered hope during a time when division is greater than ever, and reminds us that profound change and evolution of the human spirit are possible! Thank you Christian!
— Annabelle Teleki, Satya Retreats