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Ryan Campbell

Ryan is a world-renowned speaker on mindset, adversity, and personal management with a laid-back Australian approach that will help your organization soar.

Ryan is young, driven, passionate, and will enthrall your audience with his rich story-telling enhanced by a dash of humor. Every stage is an opportunity to share his experience of a world record-breaking global expedition in a small plane at age 19, the triumph of becoming an author and writing a book at age 20, the challenge of a plane crash and years of rehabilitation, and his jubilant return to the skies in both airplanes and helicopters. Unique. Unpredictable. Uplifting. Unforgettable. Ryan Campbell is the ideal opening or closing keynote for your next corporate meeting or event. 



Ryan prides himself on delivering a strong message through unforgettable stories - understanding and embracing adversity can be your key to success. This is just one of a number of ‘take home’ tools that are provided to each audience member, tools that can be then used to benefit their own lives all without having to fly the world or learn to walk again. More than that is Ryan’s method behind storing tools - the mindset toolbox. A systematic approach born in a spinal rehabilitation ward when life was all a bit too much.

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, people too often find themselves trapped in the headlights, and lose perspective on what truly matters. To combat this, Ryan provides a tool box system to keep those mental pathways in check and, more importantly, introduces a new way of thinking that will leave the audience implementing new practices to better themselves every day.




Ryan captivates an audience both young and old. I highly recommend him for your corporate event.
— Martin Ongley, National President, AusFly
Your willingness to interact and talk with our clients certainly made the night a fun, enjoyable, and successful occasion.
— Martin Bros Distributing
Ryan has a natural ability to communicate with an audience with great humility and humor. Ryan is a natural choice when looking for a speaker.
— Mark Rowe, General Manager, SAAA Australia
It was a pleasure to have Ryan as a guest speaker at our product launch event. His storytelling was captivating.
— Leon Mervis, Managing Director, Bremont Australia