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Bre lasley

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Going from victim to survivor is not for the faint of heart. In her uniquely powerful way, Bre inspires her audience to believe in themselves enough to fight for hope. After surviving an attempted murder September 23, 2015, and knowing her attacker was dead, and her little sister was safe, she thought her fight was over. Anxious, depressed, and afraid she quickly realized her fight had just begun. Bre powerfully grasps all emotions as she, in her unique personable way, inspires all recounting her miraculous fight story.

Bre’s story is one of survival but more than that it is what Bre has done since that terrible night that has defined who she is. The experience of being attacked has compelled Bre to stand up for all women starting her own foundation, Fight Like Girls which aims to teach other women how to defend themselves.

Traveling around the country, Bre speaks to audiences allowing survivors the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and understanding environment. Bre knows that her work in her foundation has allowed her the freedom to move beyond what happened and focus on how to help men and women whom have been victimized by crime, or any other form of perpetration redefine their lives.


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Speech Topics


Going from victim to survivor is not for the faint of heart. In her uniquely powerful way, Bre inspires her audience to believe in themselves enough to fight for hope. Hope for their future. Hope to enjoy life again. Hope to survive. Bre believes hope is something that doesn't come without fighting for. Her fight for hope began at hopelessness, but once she finally found it she was able to help herself, which in turn, helped her help others and that's where her healing began.

Finding YOUR Power

In the most heartfelt vulnerable way, Bre shares raw details of her personal fight. She creates a safe place for all listeners to connect and be empowered. After having to find it in herself, Bre fully believes there is a power within each of us to survive, it's just a matter of fighting to find it. 

The Real Self Defense

Using her own story of surviving an attempted murder by a man almost twice her size, Bre raises awareness of the importance of every girl knowing enough physical self defense moves to save time in situations similar to her's. Bre is passionate about raising awareness of self defense being just as much an emotional, mental, and spiritual defense as it is physical and shares ways for her audience to fully defend themselves. 

Like Ben

The thin blue line is a symbol used by law-enforcement. Each stripe on the emblem represents certain respective figures: the blue center line represents law enforcement, the top black stripe represents the public (you & me) while the bottom line represent the criminals. The idea behind the graphic is that law enforcement stands between the public and criminals. In hopes to shine a better light nationally on deserving officers. "Like Ben" is for ALL to show support, gratitude, respect for all retired, current and future law enforcement officers who protect and serve like, Bre's angel officer, Ben. 


In hopes to help others, primarily youth, Bre uses her Christian based faith to recount the innumerable miracles that ultimately kept her, her little sister, and their angel officer alive the night of her attempted murder. Bre believes Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World who continues to perform miracles now as He did in biblical times. Like Daniel of Old, all of us will be thrown into modern day "lion dens" where we, like Daniel, have to practice our faith to be saved. Using this analogy, Bre helps give youth the courage to believe in the reality of angels and a Savior who loves them and who will never leave them alone.