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Elizabeth Smart Reviews

Recently Elizabeth came to SAP and told her amazingly powerful survival story to our employees. She was extremely honest throughout her presentation, and employees left feeling inspired from her underlying message of perseverance and hope. She was a pleasure to work with and is a truly remarkable woman.
— Meghan Vinci, Senior Operations Specialist, SAP Software Company July 2019
Thank you for your help in having Elizabeth speak to the ABF Fellows. She gave a fantastic talk. The audience was made up of federal and state court judges and lawyers. The audience is used to people with above-average public speaking abilities, but several commented afterwards how very poised and articulate she is. What she said came from her heart, and because she so genuinely shared her experience with the victim interview process and court system, we all came away with awareness of how to make the process work better.
— Juli Blanch, Attorney at Law, Parsons Behle & Latimer July 2019
We were able to have Elizabeth Smart as a featured speaker for the Interfaith Women’s Conference 2019 in Tacoma, WA. She spoke on a Friday night before our main conference day, and the event was open to the public while the conference the next day was for women only.

Elizabeth begins many of her talks by painting a picture of herself at age 14; shy, naive young teen who loved her family and played the harp. She describes her captivity, her suffering, her loss of hope. And then, during this talk, she began to talk about how she kept hope alive as she spent nine months in captivity. She thought about her family, and what they taught her about God and her faith, and decided that she wanted to live.

Her talk had the audience riveted. We found ourselves cheering for this teenager who turns out to have amazing strength. She was, in her unassuming way, a powerful voice for strength and hope (this was the theme of our conference, so she fit in perfectly.)

Before her speaking event, we hosted a VIP reception for certain ticketholders. I know she was tired from traveling, and had a tiny baby upstairs in the hotel who she would have liked to rock. But - she was gracious, kind and attentive to every person at the reception. She allowed individual and group pictures, which thrilled everyone there. Elizabeth was easy to work with, generous with her time and her story, and gracious to the end. We loved having her, and have had so many comments about her wonderful presentation. Thank you Elizabeth!
— Melinda Huish Co-Chair, Interfaith Women's Conference 2019
Elizabeth Smart was terrific, easy to work with, connected with the crowd, and she had a full house. She was all we had hoped she would be.
— Minot State University - April 2019
There’s a buzz in our city, it exceeded our expectations.
— Sherry Patterson, SEARHC, Juneau, AK 2019

"From the moment Elizabeth arrived, her presence brought peace, love and understanding. It was a beautiful experience for all of our attendees to feel this permeate through her message. Everyone left feeling edified, strengthened and fixed with hope... the same hope that she herself has fought fiercely to promote! This of corse radiates through all of her marvelous work."

-Andrea Monfredi, Women Of Light Conference 2018


"Elizabeth Smart was a powerful, engaging, inspiring speaker.  Hearing her share her incredible story of survival is an event few will ever forget.  She is candid, honest and not afraid to share personal details from her past to help others dealing with challenging situations. "

-Nate Eaton, East Idaho News 2018